Timely and timeless, a film that is important for every Filipino to see. Richard Bolisay, CNN Life

A fine example of Filipina feminist filmmaking. - N. Balce, G. Deviles, F. Lopez

Bravely dives deep into the desperately beating heart of a nation. - Oggs Cruz, Rappler

Spellbinding yet deeply disturbing in both content and form….It nails the purpose of art in comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. - L.S. Mendizabal, Kodao

It stays on the streets, sticking to what's essential. It tells the stories of the victims, and of the quiet heroes trying to do some good in the face of insurmountable evil. - Philbert Dy
…Isang nagpapatuloy na eulohiya sa tokhang ni Duterte at sa pagdanas nito sa mga ordinaryong buhay na sapilitang hinigop ng sandali ng karahansan, ang hindi maiibsang trauma ng pagkawala ng mahal sa buhay, ang panghihinayang gayon wala namang rekurso sa katarungan. - Dr. Roland Tolentino

A grim but compassionate, compelling picture of present-day life on Manila's exceedingly mean streets. Examining the painful human impact of the Filipino government's "war" on drugs in a clear-eyed manner that pulls no punches. - Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

Arumpac obviously knew the tragedy and sorrow of her country and her fellow Filipinos intimately. Here, she has lovingly constructed an important, unredacted record for these dark times for our own use, free of pretense or agenda. - Karl de Mesa, CNN Life

Through one heart-rending sequence after another, the film forces you to take a long, hard look at what’s going on, and the effect is as agonizing as it is unforgettable. - Mikhail Lecaros, 8List

Patunay ang Aswang sa bisa ng dokumentaryo at pelikula bilang mga pormang pansining at pangkultura. - Teo S. Marasigan, Pinoy Weekly

A prescient document of a cultural nightmare, bringing national rhetoric down to the personal level. - Jacob Mouradian, FilmBook

Aswang frames its subjects in impeccable aesthetics… And of course, there is the genius of Arumpac’s narrative gambit: the aswang has long been used to terrorize and lull—Aswang asks us if we will ever wake up. - Andrew Paredes, ANCX

For Manila’s poorest, dehumanised and stripped of their dignity, life can resemble a walking death sentence. - Carmen Gray, Modern Times Review

A compelling and necessary documentary that highlights the desperate inequality and state-operated oppression of the region. - Nick Davie, One Room With A View

A courageous statement of current politics and the power of media… A gripping cinematic experience. (Jury Statement) - IDFA​​​​​​​
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